First Place

Jaclyn Johnson


Second Place

Leslie Whitehead


Third Place

Tanya Slimmon


Eternal Springs

Eternal Springs

A short 15-minute drive from my hometown of Oak Lake, Eternal Springs is a beautiful place to go for a nature hike or a picnic. With various trails and a sign to direct you in which ways you can go it is fun for the whole family. To get there I just punch in Eternal Springs Wetland into my Maps app on my phone and away we go, you know you are there when you see a big sign on your left that says “ Virden Area Wild Life” with a little green sign that says “Welcome to Eternal Springs”, drive in further to find a parking area, bathrooms, and the Eternal Springs Walking Trails sign. Another fun little attraction is St David’s Swinging Bridge, which is a 66-foot-long swinging bridge that is just above of Saint David’s Creek. So, come on out and enjoy the scenery, it will be especially beautiful once the leaves start changing color now that we are headed into Fall.

By Shantell Zarn

Steep Rock

Located 35 minutes of Ashern, a short drive off HWY 6 is the Village of Steep Rock.

It's the perfect day trip get away.  There are kayak and canoe rentals right at the water so you can paddle across Lake Manitoba to go visit Hopper, Pogi, and Willy on Goat Island.  The friendliest group of goats you may ever meet.  There is also a sand bar off the island so you can take unlimited "walk-on water" pictures.  If hiking is your thing, there are trails too.  Steep Rock Beach Park is also very close if you want to camp.  Along that stretch of HWY 6 is also Armand Lemiez's "art Gallery".  It was definitely something to see and something that was completely unexpected.  Also stop at the Moosehorn Motel for some amazing homemade soups and desserts (the pickerel was incredible too).  We certainly live in a beautiful province.

By Kim Houston

Fork River


A small hamlet along Highway #20, just a half hour north of Dauphin.

Just to the east of the town the Fork river meets and joins the Mossey


A cairn honoring all the pioneers of the Mossey River Municipality was

unveiled during a Community Homecoming in July 1996. It was built on

the location where the Mossey River - Fork River School used to stand

and a map on the plaque clearly locates the eighteen schools of the

area. The old school bell tops the cairn.

A drive past the Cairn will take you west along the Fork river and its

windy road known as Lover's Lane. - ( if trees could tell stories???? )

By Hope Toporowski

Snow Lake

Reasons for visiting Snow Lake:

Swimming, boating, kayaking, canoeing and fishing on beautiful Snow Lake with newly built change house, new dock complete with slide into the water, also floating dock and new large play area. We also have a 9 hole golf course complete with dine in or patio restaurant, we also have a very large mining museum open daily with tour guides on site.

A short drive about 10 minutes gets you to Wekusko Falls with camping spots, or a lodge with cabins for accommodations. There are hiking trails that have 2 swinging bridges over the rushing water below, also fantastic walleye fishing just below the falls. The camping area has a sand beach as well as a playground all within walking distance from the campsites.

Listen to the loons, watch the eagles fly overhead and watch fantastic sunsets over the lakes ,a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of city living.

By Sheryl Playford


Manigotagan Falls

A gem that does not make it on any of the searches you will do, but within 2 hours from city

limits. This waterfall is a family favorite next to Pisew Falls and Kwastichewan Falls, this is our

favorite waterfall in the south! It is stunning all year long but in spring as everything turns full of

life and green throughout summer and into the fall as the leaves turn color you will not be

disappointed. A trip out in the winter will showcase amazing ice creations with water flowing

through and around them all year long just increasing the grandeur, the colder it is the more ice

there is.

Manigotagan River is a whitewater river with a class V waterfall that is part of the canoe &

portage route used in early times and often by outdoor explorers still today. As well, thousands

of artifacts have been found along the river verifying what an important, busy, corridor this was

during those times. For those back country enthusiasts, there is a campground located beside

the falls with trails to explore, and a place to rest overnight if you are braving the wild


Keeping your eyes open here is crucial, in addition to rock cliffs, a huge variety of plants and

trees, you may also see a variety of wildlife native to the area like the moose, black bear, wolf,

beaver and so much more. A highlight not caught by all would also be getting to enjoy the

aurora borealis in the night sky should you choose to stay late or even spend a night.

Truly a place you see and savor as each time you come and with each different season it

impresses and creates a whole new sense of awe as it appears so different as the surrounding

scenery changes. A place you can keep coming back to and never get tired of just sitting and


By Shirley Werner


In 2001 Bowsman, Mb. was inducted into the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame. After WWII baseball flourished in the Bowsman area. The Bowsman Ball Park was located in a natural amphitheater and had lots of seating and parking available. The ball diamond is still there today.

By Wanda Currie


One of the most historic details about Roland is the fact that the Canadian 4-H started here in 1913!  Many years ago a group of residents started to organize a museum to house some of that story and history of 4-H.  So on your travels make sure to stop at the Canadian 4-H Museum on Main Street in Roland right next to the post office.  

You can learn the story about how it all started, see the style of uniforms that used to be worn, search from among the dozens of banners for a town you are interested in, check out a large variety of projects.  If you are able to, proceed upstairs to check out the collection of trophies.  All donations have been catalogued so you can find out if someone in your family has donated an item, project book, banner and much more.

Need a little gift too?  The museum has frisbees, spoons, pins, stamped commemorative envelopes and more.  Take a few brochures and pass them out to others too.  The museum is open July & August, Monday to Friday, 1-4PM or by appointment at other times.

By Leslie Whitehead


Anola is a small community located 20 minutes outside of Winnipeg that has a few different sites one can check out when visiting. A great one to see if you were to ever come for a visit here is the Anola and District Museum located at 725 Weiser Crescent. This museum consists of a couple buildings that make up a pioneer village that consists of an original pioneer house, black smith shop, school and chapel. At the museum they also have the very first fire truck that was used for the municipality of Springfield. Inside all the buildings are some of the original tools, books and clothing that they would have used during the times when these heritage buildings were still in use. They even have a small area with some artifacts from an old post office located in one of the buildings. Currently they are still open to visitors from May-October and only on Sundays between 1-4pm.

By Jaclyn Johnson

Eternal Springs

Eternal Springs

Natural water spring coming from side hill feeds two small ponds stocked with trout. Features hiking trails, 66 ft. Swinging bridge, picnic tables with bbq pits, fishing at ponds.

Located about 8 miles east of Virden

Run by local volunteers

Great place for a picnic or just a nice quiet walk/ hike.

Manitoba Hidden gem⭐️

By Tanya Slimmon


Hamiota is a small town situated 90 kms NW of Brandon on Hwy 21.  First and foremost it has a lovely campground with 55 sites to serve the public, 45 are full service and 10 electrical only.  Adjacent to the campground is a beautiful aquatic pool which sees people from the area and beyond using the facility.  Swimming lessons are given during the summer from July till the end of August.  Hamiota also sports a 9 hole golf course with a clubhouse that serves meals.  Come check Hamiota out.  You won't be disappointed.

By Kathy Thompson

La Riviere

I am from the beautiful valley of La Riviere.  This town is small but packed with a ton of amazing things that few people know about!  We have an awesome ski resort, scenic hiking trails, and if you are even more adventurous there are endless backcountry trails throughout the valley to go on with either quad, bike or snowshoe!  And don't forget to check out Tom the Turkey!

By Julie Halloran